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Open Water Scuba Diving Lessons – coming soon to Sarasota FL

Scuba Lessons in Sarasota -coming soon to the Sarasota FL area!

That’s right, is proud to announce that we will soon be offering our Unique Scuba training program to those of you living in or Vacationing to the Sarasota area!

We will be offering several different scuba diving programs, catering to the unique scheduling needs of Sarasota area residents, as well as Sarasota Vacationers.

At Unique Scuba, we believe every new diver should posses all the skills they need to be safe, comfortable, and confident while diving the waters of Florida. This is why our program is a little longer than most others AND we limit classes to a maximum of 4 students. For this reason, 90% of our Open Water Diver classes are either private or semi-private, ensuring the proper instructor to student ratio.

If you are looking for the very best in one-on-one scuba instruction, look no further.

It’s your decision.

With the skills developed  by Unique Scuba, you will look and feel comfortable and in control of your diving abilities.

Learn the correct way, in a smaller group, with personalized one-on-one training and feel in control like this.

Correct Diving Examples.

Stay Away From Weekend Crash Courses!

So you are very excited to start your adventure in Scuba Diving?…. We think that is Awesome…!!!  But please do a little research and thinking before taking the plunge..

Would you really like to become certified in only a few days? Rushing through your training at light speed? Without developing true skill and attaining the comfort and confidence level you really deserve?

NO FRIENDS….NO!!   We think you deserve more.

It’s a fact:  Divers that are rushed through training are not as safe, do not have very much fun, and quickly drop out of the adventure lifestyle we call Scuba.  Here at Unique Scuba we believe in smaller classes, more personalized training, and ultimately very safe and happy divers.

Take a weekend crash course with 10 other people developing no true skill and comfort.

Don’t look and feel like this underwater.

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  1. just testing this pluging, hope the scuba site picks this up

  2. picked up your Unique scuba site and facebook connect…looks awesome.